He was Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, the advent

He was Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, the advent, who descended through the mercy of providence due to the cry of existential crisis and served normally with his own urge as a man.

He was a man, the holy man, the loving embodiment in the service of existential propitious bloom.

He was the prophet, who imparted existential upliftment with personal effulgence of unity to the people with compassionate thrill of life. He helped everyone to cross over every difficulty and induced everyone to thrive up every peculiarity of his own to the helm of love and pity, keeping his specific distinctiveness in tact with due conduction of his complexes to the ideal with love, faith and service..

Why we should follow Him

He was the central goading stimulus of existence which makes our conscience conscientious and he roamed in every being with controlled energizing activity and measured him accordingly, thereby he was ‘Iswar’.

He was the one who anointed with the blessed cream which blooms in every individual.

He was for one and all, with every hearty compassion that reached a far fetched plane with an unfathomed trail of intelligence.

Let us think, behold and bowdown at His feet and follow Him with hearty adherence, allegiance and active service, installing Him in the throne of existential uphold and propitious immortal nectar of life.