Be Inquisitive And Acquisitive

One very important point we need to remind ourselves is that Sri Sri Thakur is not a preacher, who habitually goes on churning out talks and sermons. It may sound disbelieving considering the volumes of literature that has come out of talk of Sri Sri Thakur. Let us be very clear on this issue that Sri Sri Thakur was a man of few words. His talks were very little as much as they were very meaningful and profound. Whenever he has spoken, it is only out of a need, or from an impulse, or in response to a query and at all times, he was very precise.

Sri Sri Thakur has not said thing by way of advice. He has given ideas, solutions, clues and every thing to help someone to do some thing. His every word had an action oriented push to the person whom he said. His words were like a knife in the hands of an expert surgeon. He made people to do things. He guided, he goaded, he traveled along side, he shared loads and he healed wounds, every thing simultaneously. He has never made a public speech, except a few times from his seat addressing his disciples by way of giving them a plan of action and direction.

If Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to be inquisitive and acquisitive, he also showed us the way as to how can we do that. Inquisitiveness in observation and inquisitiveness in service to others are the two qualities Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to practice. Acquisitiveness in skill, knowledge and experience is what Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to develop a habit for. All these to have a healthy and progressive life for oneself along with the environment. When one follows these dicta of being inquisitive and acquisitive, one encounters a lot of other challenges and tasks, which brings new dimensions to life and in the process life goes on rolling and getting refined.