Cohesion in Community Life through Common Ideal

Sri Sri Thakur said the only way to bring about a cohesive society is to mobilize the members of the society around an Ideal. It is imperative that a society has to have a common ideal. That ideal should be such a person who fulfills each one as per distinctiveness. That person can guide and goad all the people on the path of progression without destroying their individual traits, liking and specialties. Once that person is upheld as Ideal and every body follows him a scene of collective prosperity dawns in the society. From the person’s point of view his interest in the Ideal also makes him inter-interested with others following same Ideal. Unity in diversity becomes a reality, when the diverse interests are fulfilled and diverse perspective are properly focused and streamlined.

Sri Sri Thakur was such an Ideal who can be, perhaps who has to be, projected that he is our national Ideal, if we want to have national integrity. Ideologically Sri Sri Thakur fulfills all other sectarian ideals. He does not have conflict with any sect, ism or viewpoint as long as it is brings about existential welfare. He said all isms get culminated in existentialism.

Sri Sri Thakur’s ideology makes a person so refined and flexible that he can accommodate others and serves others, so that collective co-existence becomes a reality. Integrity in thought and action, which comes out of practice of Sri Sri Thakur’s ideology sets the precondition for a collective harmony.