Four Pillars of Existence

The main thing for every individual is to maintain his life and growth with apt nourishment, and this nourishment requires education, agriculture, industry and proper marriage for good progeny; therefore these four pillars are the sovereign towers of existence and the other things are to help the equity and liberty individually and collectively; hence, the main duty of the state is to maintain these with their nutritive properties, and that is the stay of every individual and the stay of state.

“সৎ বা সাত্বত যা তা’র অনুসরণী অনুশীলনাই হ’চ্ছে- সত্যানুসরণ,  আর, অস্তিত্বের বিদ্যমানতাই সত্য।” ।৮২। ধৃতি-বিধায়না