Goal of Life

By continuously reminding us about our goal, Sri Sri Thakur has attempted to keep us alert about our goal and the desired path. In fact growth is a natural tendency of life. From the day man takes birth, he aspires to grow and this desire to grow has made it possible for man to scale the heights of evolution passing through generations.

Though the tendency to grow is the most natural and most ancient instinct of man, but there are factors to pull him down and keep him distracted from his goal. Besides, every person has his in built limitations, which are woven around him at any point of time. Notwithstanding all these constraining factors, one has to have a progressive zeal and up hill motion, for which Sri Sri Thakur has provided the clues, which act through various sub systems in our life, namely psychological, physical as well as spiritual. The human body and mind is a very complex system. Sri Sri Thakur knows all the complexities of the system and has outlined a scheme by which the system is maintained and is driven towards its destination.

‘Be progressive’ is not a piece of advice from Sri Sri Thakur. It is Sri Sri Thakur’s wish for us and he has provided the mechanism to fulfil his wish.