Ideal Centric

Like all the planets move on their orbit centering around the sun, the life of a person exists and continue to move on, based on a pull which remains outside his own self. This is perhaps a primordial affinity in man’s nature, which sometimes has been said as the genial current of the soul. A person’s life gets shaped and formed based on who or what is there at the center. Sri Sri Thakur wants us to put a superior beloved, nay the Supreme Beloved, at that place and tells us to make him the pivot of life. Life is in any way concentric, by origin; we have to only put an Ideal there.

If we do not place an Ideal there, there will be something else in that place, knowingly or unknowingly, which would then drive us in the manner it likes. Invariably, it is any of the various kinds of complexes, which are called obsessions, are found to be there, may be by design or by default. It is a complex psychological process, which is not always perceptible to all of us. But we can understand this at times, may be when we are at a distress, or in a dispassionate mood or may be by some kind of enlightened vision. Whatever may be our perception on this issue, since the issue is very complex, it is advisable to go as per the view of the great sages. Our rational understanding may not be enough to drive deep into it unhurt. Our vision may be shrouded by emotion and indulgence. Nevertheless, it is easier to grasp this while paying attention to the sayings of wise man.

An Ideal is said to be fulfiller the best. We need to have such an ideal before us whom we can follow and be fulfilled to the best of our requirement and who can guide us in the most unerring way.