Know the Cause and Effect Relationship

Spiritualism is those thought and deeds, which make mind cause oriented, says Sri Sri Thakur. Most of our problems in life spring from our ignorance of the cause and effect relationship. If we knew what causes what, then things would have been very simple for us and we would have oriented ourselves accordingly. Whatever Sri Sri Thakur has said and done during his life is only perhaps to explore the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of life. Why does man behave in the manner that we see him to behave; and each one behaves in a typical way. How does the society functions, how can the social problems be taken care? What is the solution to the man’s problem in all spheres? How can science and technology be further used for man’s welfare? What is the relationship between spirit and matter? How can man live in peace and prosperity? How can the environment be preserved and promoted? How can we take care of our mental and physical health? What is happening to our cultural fabric; can it be further refined and be made relevant to the present time? Sri Sri Thakur has provided clue to all kinds of issues to understand and manipulate. After Sri Sri Thakur’s advent on this earth, humanity should not commit any serious mistake. The key to knowledge has been left behind by Sri Sri Thakur in a very explicit manner.

After coming in association with Sri Sri Thakur and accepting his discipleship, Deshabndhu Chitta Ranjan Das confessed that ‘now he could see things more clearly than how he used to see earlier’. Having coming to know Sri Sri Thakur, if a little more clarity of vision does not occur to a person, then one has to find a reason for that. It is unusual.

Sri Sri Thakur figuratively can be put in the slot of a mastermind and a hero in action. He knows what is happening at any point in the deep recess of your mind and what can be done to alter the orbit of the planets. For Sri Sri Thakur, there is no miracle. Every cause, every feeling and all wealth of the universe are within his ability to maneuver. The supreme father that he is, he reigns over every thing.