There is not a single utterance in the collection from the very first to the last in his ideas on Religion, Spiritualism, Education, Society, Money, Industry, Agriculture, Arts, Commerce, Marriage, Conjugal Life, Eugenics, Economics, Politics, Science and others which has not evolved out of his personal realization and experiences and which he has not been trying to materialize in the scale of a seedling here in the Satsang. The life of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra like the Alpine glacier which melts into an infinity of colors as it proceeds onwards, has been breaking into a variety of channels each solving the problems of a particular phase of human necessity. He himself knows in what a sea of bliss for mankind his life will find its consummation. The sayings gave a clear solution to the questions on the different problems of not only the present day world but to the ages to come.

Some of the revelations of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra in Bengali.

1 Satyanusaran (In Pursuit of Truth)
2 Swasthya O Sadachar Sutra (Aphorism on Health & Hygiene)
3 Yati Abhidharma (Upholding principles to be followed by a Saint)
4 Debi-Sukta (Noble sayings about Women).
5 Tapa-Bidhayana 2 Vol. (Proper Regulation of Spiritual Practice).
6 Bidhi-Binyas (Regulation of Destiny).
7 Sad-Bidhayana (Regulation to be followed to perceive the embodiment of truth).
8 Nistha-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Adherence).
9 Adarsha-Binayaka (Proper regulation according to the liking of Ideal).
10 Bidhan-Binayaka (Guiding principles of upholding laws).
11 Samaj-Sandipana (Guiding principles to enlighten society).
12 Bikriti-Binayana (Adjustment of Distortions).
13 Bigyan-Bibhuti (Treasury of Scientific knowledge).
14 Dhriti-Bidhayana 2 Vol. (Proper maintenance of principles of upholdment).
15 Achar-Charyya 2 Vol. (Principles of Conduct & Behaviour).
16 Alochana-Prasange 22 Vol. (Conversations with Sri Sri Thakur).
17 Nana-Prasange 4 vol. (Conversation with Thakur on various Subjects).
18 Katha-Prasange 3 Vol. (Discourses of Sri Sri Thakur).
19 Islam-Prasange (A must read for Muslim Society where Sri Sri Thakur put forward the ideas of complete eradication of sectarian conflict).
20 Punya-Punthi (Holy Book, Revelations of Sri Sri Thakur in Trance i.e Samadhi).
21 Anushruti 7 vol. (Revelations on various topics in simple Rhymes and poetry).
22 Chalar-Saathi (A constant companion for Ideal-centric movement).
23 Pather-Kari (Gems of the way).
24 Nareer-Neeti (Invaluable code of conduct to be followed by Women).
25 Seva-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Service).
26 Neeti-Bidhayana (Proper following of Moral Principles).
27 Kriti-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Activity).
28 Shiksha-Bidhayana (Proper guidance of Education).
29 Darshan-Bidhayana (Proper guidance of Knowledge).
30 Nareer Pathe (Conversations with Sri Sri Thakur about Woman hood).
31 Shaswati (Eternal truths uttered by Thakur).
32 Sambitee (Sri Sri Thakur’s holy utterances on Perfect Knowledge).
33 Taanr-Chithi (A compilation of letters by Sri Sri Thakur).
34 Amiya-Lipi (Solutions related to different daily life problems).
35 Ashish-Banee 2 Vol. (Compilation of messages given by Sri Sri Thakur as blessings on various occasions).
36 Preeti-Binayak 2 Vol. (Utterances about the different forms of love and factors that guide love to the ideal).
37 Jaji-Sukta (Noble utterances on principles of yaajan).
38 Charyya-Sukta (Noble utterances on practice and habit).
39 Bibaha-Bidhayana (Proper system of marriage).
40 Sangya-Samiksha (Invaluable utterances on Religion Philosophy Society, Politics and day to day activities).
41 Bibidha-Sukta (Noble utterances on various subjects).
42 Arya-Pratimokshya (Utterances of Sri Sri Thakur after coming to Deoghar).
43 Deeprakshi (Conversation with Sri Sri Thakur).
44 Jeevan Dipti 3 Vol. (Life exalting Messages of mankind).
45 Arya-Kristi (Discourses on various topics viz. Varnashram, Eugenics, Instincts and many more).
46 Amiya Bani (Holy utterances by Sri Sri Thakur).
47 Sri Sri Thakur O Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das (Includes discussion with C.R Das on Indian Independence and Social Reformation).
48 Akhanda Jivan Darshan (Discussion of life in a society and many different aspects of life).
49 Ista-Prokta (Compilation of different sayings and answer to many complicated questions of various fields).
50 Matri-Mongal (An exclusive book must read by woman).
51 Smriti-Tirthe (An excellent book of old reminiscence).
52 Sono Ritwik (Compilation on functionalities of Ritwik).


There are also many books available either written or compiled by the devotees of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra.

Books in English

1 The Message Vol-1 (Divine utterance on Religion, Spiritualism, Education, Society, Politics, Industry, Commerce and others).
2 Do Vol-2 (Dharma, Ideal, Pursuit of Dharma and Ideal).
3 Do Vol-3 (Love, Service, Activity).
4 Do Vol-4 (Politics, Law, Administration and Social life).
5 Do Vol-5 (Principles of conduct).
6 Do Vol-6 (Character and behaviour).
7 Do Vol-7 (Varnashram, Culture & Tradition, Eugenics, Genetics, Heredity, Marriage, Woman, Conjugal Life).
8 Do Vol-8 (Education, Philosophy, Science, Psychology, Health, Economics).
9 Do Vol-9 (Definition, Universal law etc).
10 Magnadicta (The sayings of the Great Seer, Analytical solution of the diverse problems of man)
11 Lord’s Prayer (Charming forms of divine service, solemn and melodious like Vedic chants).
12 Discourses (A short record of discussions of several dignitaries with Sri Sri Thakur).
13 Who Thou the Revolutionary ? (A record of a few day’s experiences of a political agnostic about Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra).
14 An Integral Philosophy of life (Constitutes the total philosophy of life).
15 Ocean in a teacup (Story of Sri Sri Thakur by Ray Archer Hauserman).
16 Answer to the quest (Ray Hauserman)


Some of the above books are also translated in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Oriya, Assamese, Santhali, Nepali, Marathi, Telegu, Bodo, Gujarati, Tamil, Thar, Manipuri, Maitheli and Bishnupriya Manipuri. There are literary activities, which is seen in the form of a number of books and periodicals in all languages. Journals like Alochana and Saptarchee (in Bengali),Ligate and The See-ence (in English),Urjana (in Oriya), Aryayan (in Hindi) and a few more periodicals get regularly published from this place and carry the message of “living with peace and progress” to the humanity.

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