Nourish Your Body and Mind

No one would perhaps dispute the necessity of nourishing body and mind. More or less every one does take care of body and tries to keep mind peaceful. This is perhaps one of the basics of human conduct and living. The problem is with the complexity of the task and ability (or inability) of each person to take care of them. Sri Sri Thakur has provided the codes of health and hygiene including that of mental health. It is not enough that we know these; what is important is that we should practice all these. Sri Sri Thakur by his scheme of ideology has made such provision that health and well being of body, mind and spirit are taken care.

In this context comes the issues of environmental condition, community health, family ambience and so many other issues like values, beliefs and emotions. The way of living and thinking determines our health.

Sri Sri Thakur has woven all these issues into a framework and has provided us some guidelines to follow by which the whole issues are taken care. He has codified laws and rules for a healthy living at each stage of human life that life becomes pure, progressive and prosperous.