Render Service to Your Environment

Environmental service is essential for the existence and growth of man, said Sri Sri Thakur very clearly. He urged his disciples to serve the environment and help the environment to upgrade. He himself has done it in a very splendid way during his lifetime. It is because of his service, sympathy and sense of one ness towards others, people loved him so much. Out of barren stretches of land in Pabna, Sri Sri Thakur made rich harvest and converted the area in to thick vegetation. One of his principles of his keeping good health is to be in touch with the elements of nature and, of course, pure nature.

Nowadays most of us feel that environmental service is a collective job and hence no one single person can be held accountable for that. Be it environment in term of society or environment in terms of nature, we take things granted, and leave them for someone else consideration. Sri Sri Thakur said, no; each one has an environment surrounding him and it his individual responsibility to serve the environment in the interest of his Lord and in the way that the Lord wanted. It is a very tall order on each one of us. But Sri Sri Thakur has said, unless we do it, we will not get rid of our misery and we will only multiply our miserable living.

It is important for us to recollect that the service to environment will not be an act of charity. It will be in our self-interest, as desired by our Lord. Let us also bear in mind that collective means of service to the environment has not been ruled out by Sri Sri Thakur. Depending upon the scale and magnitude of job, collective strength has to be utilized within the framework of brotherhood, keeping the interest of the Lord in the forefront.