Dr. DC Patra

09/25/22 2.35:49

"One who is content with gratitude (कृतज्ञता) and remains happy with meager means (स्वल्प)  seldom found downcast (अबसाद). He is fearless." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti, Vol I, 5th Edition, Chapter लोक चरित्र , Stanza no. 31, Page 56. We will discuss this next week. 

Dipangshu Maitra

10/01/22 13.11:45

কৃতজ্ঞতায় তৃপ্ত থাকে
    স্বল্পে সুখী হয়,
কী করবে তার অবসাদে ?
     নিত্য সে অভয়।৩১। 

অনুশ্রুতি-১ লোকচরিত্র

In Hindi with Bengali dialects 

कृतज्ञताय तृप्त थाके
    स्वल्पे सुखी हय,
की करबे तार अबसादे ?
    नित्य से अभय।३१। 

          अनुश्रुति-१ लोकचरित्र

In Odia with Bengali dialects 

କୃତଗ୍ୟତାୟ ତୃପ୍ତ ଥାକେ
     ସ୍ବଲ୍ପେ ସୁଖୀ ହୟ,
କୀ କରବେ ତାର ଅବସାଦେ ?
      ୱିତ୍ୟ ସେ ଅଭୟ।୩୧

           ଅନୁଶ୍ରୁତି-୧ ଲୋକଚରିତ୍ର

In Gujarati with Bengali dialects——

કૃતજ્ઞતાય તૃપ્ત થાકે
     સ્વલ્પે સુખી હય,
કી કરબે તાર અબસાદે ?
    નિત્ય સે અભય।૩૧। 
            અનુશ્રુતિ-૧ લોકચરિત્ર

वन्दे पुरुषोत्तमम्
ବନ୍ଦେ ପୁରୁଷୋତ୍ତମମ୍
વન્દે પુરુષોત્તમમ્

Adoration to the fulfiller the best.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

10/01/22 19.25:44

The topic in original Bengali language


Krutanjataay trupta thaake

swalpe sukhee hay,

Kee karbe taar abasaade?

nitya se abhay.

(Anusruti, Vol.1: Lokacharitra:31:56)

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

10/01/22 19.26:13

The word by word English meaning of the stanza could be:


Krutanjataay (in gratitude)trupta(satisfied) thaake(remains)

Swalpe( meager) sukhee(happy) hay(becomes),

Kee(what) karbe(will do)taar (his)abasaade(slackness)

nitya (ever)se (he)abhay(fearless).


Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

10/01/22 19.26:33

English meaning of key words:


Sukha: where bliss blossoms


Abasaada: weariness, fatigue, exhaustion, dejected, sunk down, downcast, slackness

[ab-sad(abasanna hawaa)+ghanch):sithilataa, abasannataa

Nitya: everlasting, eternal, continual, always, ever

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 1.28:25

Pranaam at His feet! Joyguru to all dear mothers and brothers!

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 1.36:41

What a marvelous popular teaching is this saying under discussion today! In today's society, among the enlightened mass, this saying hardly needs any elaboration and corroboration, as so evident is its meaning and implications. The saying summarily means that we must remain happy and be satisfied with a sense of gratitude for whatever we have and whichever condition we are in. Secondly, the saying also says to contain our requirements to what we need for our living and growing.   

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 1.45:02

The vani essentially expects that we maintain a blissful attitude and restrain our yearnings. This comes from a different outlook and sensibility that extends beyond self. This may be called a state of expanded self and elongated existence. Perhaps, this is outcome of an ideal centric life.    

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 1.53:37

Ideal centric life centers around a living Ideal like Sri Sri Thakur. That life essentially means that the purpose and meaning of life is found in pleasing the Ideal. That means everything in life is used for the Ideal's pleasure. That is possible only when we live the ideology of the Ideal, with a surrendered and dedicated approach. That ideology may appear to be a restrained passage. Yes, it is a disciplined path, that leads to expansion, sublimation and identification with larger self.    

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 2.02:27

Keeping wants limited comes out of a sense of detachment. Or, it can also be said that it comes out of focused approach to life and purposeful living. Sense of possession without purpose is greed, which may cause unbridled passion, setting unlawful means to satisfy the limitless wants. This ultimately keeps a person on the race for more and more and causes restlessness.  

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 2.08:16

The outcome is a life without fear and exhaustion. 

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 2.13:24

In the context of today's saying, Sri Sri Thakur has cautioned by saying, "where expectation is frustrated, anguished egotism comes out, conceit rolls on and deceives one astray generally; be alert, be aware." (The Message, Volume VIII) 

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 2.21:31

Sri Sri Thakur also says that outcome of the above is a state of fearlessness. "Fear is transforms propensities nurturing existence thereby and often creates dullness too, hence push thy volition to nurturing existential propitiousness with its practical tenor; have love with every stable go, and serve thy Love Lord - Beloved the Great." (The Message, Volume VIII) 

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 2.30:32

"If you are afflicted with indolence (आलस्य) and faultfinding attitude (दोषदऋष्टि), then you will remain obsessed by sorrow, hurt (आघात) and lowness (अबसाद)." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti, Vol I, 5th Edition, Chapter ब्यबहार, Stanza no. 110, Page 153. We will discuss this next week. 

Dr. DC Patra

10/02/22 2.31:00

Joyguru! Vande Purushottamam!