Dipangshu Maitra

03/25/23 13.26:17

শত্রু যে তোর তা’রেও যদি
  কোন নিমকহারাম,
মিথ্যা নিন্দায় সমর্থন চায়,
    তাও জানিস্ হারাম।১৩। 

অনুশ্রুতি-১ লোকচরিত্র

In Hindi with Bengali dialects 

शत्रु जे तोर ता’रेउ जदि
   कोन निमकहराम,
मिथ्या निन्दाय समर्थन चाय,
    ता’उ जानिस् हाराम।१३। 

          अनुश्रुति-१ लोकचरित्र

In Odia with Bengali dialects 

ଶତ୍ରୁ ଜେ ତୋର ତା’ରେଉ ଜଦି
     କୋନ ନିମକ ହାରାମ,
ମିଥ୍ୟ ନିନ୍ଦାୟ ସମର୍ଥନ ଚାୟ,
     ତା’ଉ ଜାନିସ୍ ହାରାମ।୧୩। 

           ଅନୁଶ୍ରୁତି-୧ ଲୋକଚରିତ୍ର

In Gujarati with Bengali dialects——

શત્રુ જે તોર તા’રેઉ જદિ
   કોમ નિમકહરામ,
મિથ્યા નિન્દાય સમર્થન ચાય,
    તા’ઇ જાનિસ્ હારામ।૧૩। 
        અનુશ્રુતિ-૧ લોકચરિત્ર

वन्दे पुरुषोत्तमम्
ବନ୍ଦେ ପୁରୁଷୋତ୍ତମମ୍
વન્દે પુરુષોત્તમમ્

Adoration to the fulfiller the best

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

03/25/23 18.08:22

The topic in original Bengali language


Satru je tor taa’reo jadi

kon nimakhaaraam,

Mithyaa nindaay samarthan chaay,

taa-o jaanis haaram.

 (Anusruti, Vol.1: Lokacharitra: 13:53)

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

03/25/23 18.08:40

The word by word English meaning of the stanza could be:


Satru(enemy) je(whoever) tor(your) taa’reo(even his) jadi(if)

Kon(any) nimakhaaraam(ungrateful),

Mithyaa(false) nindaay(blame) samarthan(support) chaay(needs),

taa-o(even that) jaanis(know) haaram(immoral).

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

03/25/23 18.09:01

English meaning of key words:


Satru:enemy, foe, adversary

 Nimakhaaraam: disloyal, disobedient, ungrateful, treacherous

Mithyaa: false, untrue,

nindaa : blame, censure, abuse, reproach, condemn

Samarthan: support, recommend, corroboration, confirm

 Haaram: forbidden, impure

Dr. DC Patra

03/26/23 1.39:06

Pranaam to Sri Sri Thakur! Joyguru to all dear mothers and brothers!

Dr. DC Patra

03/26/23 2.00:08

Today's saying of Sri Sri Thakur deals with a complex issue of interpersonal relations that a normal person faces in a society. At times, the relationship equation gets into a stereotype like friend and foe. Then all other subjects are viewed from that perceived relationship. What is conveyed in this saying is that even if something treacherous and ungrateful happens to your enemy, then also it is not welcome. What is immoral and unacceptable remains so even if that happens to an enemy.  

Dr. DC Patra

03/26/23 2.02:35

An objective view of morality and immorality is to be taken. Those issues should not get biased by the subjective relationships. 

Dr. DC Patra

03/26/23 2.09:01

Personal relationships and principles are to be viewed based on principles (ideology). Normally, we know Sri Sri Thakur views issues from the point of view of existence and principles of life and growth. 

Dr. DC Patra

03/26/23 2.35:20

"Competition keeps ego live. Complementarity (प्रतिपूरण) leads to contentment (आत्मप्रसाद) and sublimation (चित्त प्रसार)." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti Part I, Chapter नीति , Stanza no. 45, page 5 in 5th edition. We will reflect on this next week. 

Dr. DC Patra

03/26/23 2.35:47

Vande Purushottamam! Joyguru to all. 

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

03/26/23 3.02:18

Meaning of the stanza could be:


Disloyal to your enemy

attempts to blame falsely,

If support seeks your

immoral is for sure.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

03/26/23 3.03:09

It is usually told enemy of enemy is friend. So, when one wants to take revenge against someone, he tries to build friendship with the person’s enemy.


Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

03/26/23 3.03:35

Thakur cautions here that even in such situation, donot support the enemy of your enemy if he is trying to falsely implicate your enemy.


Dipangshu Maitra

03/26/23 13.44:14

Jaiguru to all. Pronam at his holy feet. This is the vani of moral science. Here Sri Sri Thakur says that even when one wants support of yours to malign your enemy for a false allegation know for sure he is treacherous.It is a tendency of human nature that one gets support of others against his/her enemy, One will try to make false agenda. As we all know by an old saying that enemy of enemy are friends.Though Sri Sri Thakur never support this view rather he would say that probably due to environmental or some unforeseen circumstances made oneself that kind of nature which can be reverse by the love of lord.