Dr. DC Patra

05/15/22 2.26:55

"The vital (creative) flow that throbs the soul and sweeps through all objects, fine and gross, is called the world of spirituality." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti, Part 1, page 213 (5th edition), Chapter Sangya, stanza no 80. We will discuss this next week. 

Dipangshu Maitra

05/21/22 0.29:18

আত্মাতে যে সৃষ্টি-ধারা
      সূক্ষ্মস্থূলে বয়,
আধ্যাত্মিক জগৎ তা’কেই
     সুধীজনা কয়।৮০। 

    অনুশ্রুতি-১  সংজ্ঞা

In Hindi with Bengali dialects 

आत्माते जे सृष्टि-धारा
    सूक्ष्मस्थूले बय,
आध्यात्मिक जगत ता’केइ
    सुधीजना कय।८०। 

       अनुश्रुति-१ संज्ञा

In Odia with Bengali dialects 

ଆତ୍ମାତେ ଜେ ସୃଷ୍ଟି-ଧାରା
    ସୂଖ୍ମସ୍ଥୂଲେ ବୟ,
ଆଧ୍ୟାତ୍ମିକ ଜଗତ ତା’କେଇ
    ସୁଧୀଜନା କୟ।୮୦। 

       ଅନୁଶ୍ରୁତି-୧ ସଂଗ୍ୟା

In Gujarati with Bengali dialects——

આત્માતે જે સૃષ્ટિ-ધારા
     સૂક્ષ્મસ્થૂલે બય,
આધ્યાત્મિક જગત તા’કેઇ
     સુધીજના કય।૮૦। 

           અનુશ્રુતિ-૧ સંજ્ઞા

वन्दे पुरुषोत्तमम्
ବନ୍ଦେ ପୁରୁଷୋତ୍ତମମ୍
વન્દે પુરુષોત્તમમ્

Adoration to the fulfiller the best.

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 1.32:29

Pranaam at His lotus feet! Jayguru to all dear mothers and brothers!

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 1.36:41

Today's topic is a wonderful piece where the Lord has defined spiritual world. The definition is crisp and clear, yet it carries meaning which is very deep and wide. The saying gives us an ideological sketch that relates spiritual world with the soul. 

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 1.45:19

Soul is the cause of life. It carries that substance which manifests in the form of life for a specific period of time. Soul is said to be credited with such power that makes it indestructible and therefore soul is a permanent and perpetuating substance. Each person's soul is bestowed with unique features which provides each person with a distinct identity. Therefore soul is that invisible substance that is responsible for the shape and quality of each creation.    

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

05/22/22 1.45:36

The topic in original Bengali language


Aatmaate je srushti-dhaaraa

sukshma sthule bay,

Adhyaatmika jagat taa’ke-i

sudheejanaa kay.


(Anusruti, Vol.1: sanjnaa: 80:213)

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

05/22/22 1.46:29

Aatmaate(within soul) je(which) srushti(creation)-dhaaraa(stream)

Sukshma(fine) sthule( gross)  bay(flows),

Adhyaatmika( spiritual) jagat (world) taa’ke-i( to it)

Sudheejanaa(wise people) kay (tell).

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

05/22/22 1.46:46

English meaning of key words:


Aatmaa: ever moving, soul, spirit, life

[at(satata gati)+man] : niyata chalatsila

srushti: creation, formation

Dhaaraa: shower, margin, border of anything, custom, habit, manner, system, a series, method, stream, shower

Sukshma: thin, fine, minute, delicate, subtle, sharp, atomic, minutely,

 sthula: bulky, gross, coarse, dense, big

Adhyaatmika: supreme spirit, spiritual, metaphysical

Sudheejanaa: wise man, scholar, talented, possessor of good understanding

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 1.48:22

Being the core of our life and being the prime cause of all expressions of life and having ability to promote itself into superior status, soul is a key substance to deal with. That science, as Sri Sri Thakur says in this verse, is known as spirituality. 

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 1.52:45

In The Message, Vol VIII, Sri Sri Thakur says, "The basic radiant unit from which radiation of life or existence emanates with consciousness in a contrast is soul." 

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.03:38

The word 'soul' is perhaps synonymous with two other words in Sri Sri Thakur's literature which are 'being' and 'existence'. Sri Sri Thakur has outlined large sketches to draw life's focus on 'being' and 'existence'. The world of spirituality deals with those subjects.  

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.07:15

In The Message, Vol. II, Sri Sri Thakur is saying, "Becoming is the cry of existence and existence enjoys the universe through it and feels it exists; do thou welcome becoming - the uphill move of being with every nurture of existence and every adjusting go of life; do enjoy - and help others too with the elixir of life and growth." 

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.08:31

In a wonderful exposiion, Sri Sri Thakur is saying that soul enjoys the universe through an uphill move. 

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.10:32

Going by Sri Sri Thakur's ideological framework, the world of 'dharma' and the world of spirituality are perhaps coterminous.  


05/22/22 2.14:47

Pranaam to his lotus feet. Jaiguru to all.


Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.16:02

In today's saying, Sri Sri Thakur is saying about fine and gross flows from soul. Sri Sri Thakur through his life and ideology brought out the finer aspects of soul for raising our consciousness and knowledge.  

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

05/22/22 2.19:03

Thakur says everything in this world is living or has life. In a discussion with Sarat Da, it gets highlighted.

Sarat Da: What comes first—mind or matter?

Sri Sri Thakur: Energy comes first. When energy gets transformed into matter, a part of it takes the shape of consciousness. Note that matter is not discrete from consciousness. When vibration is created in the chit (conscious) form of the matter, we call it mind which can both transmit and receive impulses. In my understanding, matter is not devoid of sachhidananda. What is called matter is also energy and chit from another angle; and whatever you call as energy and chit, is again nothing but the finer matter. It is not impossible to demonstrate this through research. (Alochana Prasange Vol.  16:20-4-1949)

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.23:19

In the saying that follows, quoted from The Message, Vol II, Sri Sri Thakur is saying how to draw the best out of soul (existence). "Adherence to the Beloved, - the Lead, compassionate nurture and alert exalting behaviour with far sighted intelligence, activity, existential conduct and every friendly sympathy are the beverage of existence." 

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

05/22/22 2.25:50

As quoted by Debeshda2 2.07:

Two points I want to highlight:

  • Becoming is the cry of existence and existence enjoys the universe through it and feels it exists
  • becoming - the uphill move of being

So, anything that exists has a scope of becoming. The process of becoming that gives enjoyment to being and also gives a feeling that one exists.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

05/22/22 2.32:06

The science of spirituality can reveal what Thakur has expressed in the verse. But what we understand that the process of becoming ahs to be cultivated continuously if we want to enjoy our own existence.

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.34:53

"As you move away from fear and towards triumph, you will be brave and you will get support." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti, Part 1, page 180 (5th edition), Chapter Britti Niyantran, stanza no 9. We will discuss this next week. 

Dr. DC Patra

05/22/22 2.35:19

Vande Purushottamam! Jayguru to all!

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

05/22/22 2.38:27

The creation is ever dynamic. The cry for existence leads to becoming. This dynamic process has to be carried on always in a Ideal-centric manner. That is what will make life beautiful and successful. And that is what will make one happy

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

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