Dr. DC Patra

08/06/22 16.03:47

"In the absence of mind's engagement with istabhrity, donation of a lakh (of rupees) does not really bear the merit of dharma." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti, Vol I, Chapter Istabhrity & Swastyayani, stanza no. 16, page 321, in 5th edition. We will discuss this next week.  

Dipangshu Maitra

08/06/22 22.11:11

ইষ্টভৃতির ধান্ধাই যদি
     মাথায় মজুত রইল না,
লক্ষ্য টাকা করলেও দান
    ধর্ম্ম তোরে বইল না।১৬। 

অনুশ্রুতি-১ ইষ্টভৃতি স্বস্ত্যয়নী

In Hindi with Bengali dialects 

इष्टभृतिर धान्धाइ यदि
   माथाय मजुत रइल ना,
लक्ष्य टाका करलेउ दान
   धर्म्म तोरे बइल ना।१६। 
       अनुश्रुति-१ इष्टभृति स्वस्त्ययनी

In Odia with Bengali dialects 

ଇଷ୍ଟଭୃତିର ଧାନ୍ଧାଇ ୟଦି
     ମାଥାୟ ମଜୁତ ରଇଲ ନା
ଲକ୍ଖ ଟାକା କରଲେଇ ଦାନ
     ଧର୍ମ୍ମ ତୋକେ ବଇଲ ନା।୧୬। 

       ଅନୁଶ୍ରୁତି-୧ ଇଷ୍ଟଭୃତି ସ୍ବସ୍ତ୍ୟୟନି

In Gujarati with Bengali dialects——

ઇષ્ટભૃતિર ધાન્ધાઇ યદિ
      માથાએ મંડિત રઇલ ના,
લક્ષ્ય ટાંકા કરલેઉ દાન
     ધર્મ્મ તોરે બદલ ના।૧૬। 

           અનુશ્રુતિ-૧ ઇષ્ટભૃતિ સ્વસ્ત્યયની

वन्दे पुरुषोत्तमम्
ବନ୍ଦେ ପୁରୁଷୋତ୍ତମମ୍
વન્દે પુરુષોત્તમમ્

Adoration to the fulfiller the best.

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 1.34:03

Pranaam at His lotus feet! Jayguru to all dear mothers and brothers!

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 1.43:38

Today's vani of Sri Sri Thakur is a wonderful message on istabhrity, which is a cardinal principle in His ideological framework. The meaning and significance of this saying is so deep, so real and so intimate that can hardly be put to words. It is based on psychology, spirituality and it touches the core of our living. It is unfortunate that people at large do not perhaps appreciate this. But for us, it is a subject of high impact, high significance and high value. Istabhrity and its sense, as stated in this saying, is so edifying and adorable for us that it can be said to be sacred. The only thing we can try to say is what we understand. But my sense is that we do not understand much of this and we normally would fail to bring out the real import of this saying of Sri Sri Thakur.  

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 1.50:51

Istabhrity as an act of love offering to our beloved Thakur is material way of remaining engaged with Him. Istabhrity is both a means and out come of our love affairs with Him. We belong to Him and He is with us. This fantastic reciprocity is bridged by our offering to Him every morning. We offer and He accepts. This is how we feel Him and we own Him up.   

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 1.56:39

Istabhrity is material and it is spiritual, in a sense, it is that element of divine relationship that can be seen, touched and exchanged. What we offer is part of our hard earned livelihood and what we get is still harder earned love, fulfilment and sense of belongingness. What we earn is love, assured protection and peace.  

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 2.02:49

In the sense described above, istabhrity is an integral part of progressive living. Istabhrity upholds stay of life and in that sense, it is dharma, the passage to love, life and lift. That dharma can not be earned without istabhrity. In this saying, Sri Sri Thakur is saying, istabhrity in the sense of love affairs with the Lord can hardly be compared with any donation or contribution. The outcome of the process of istabhiryt can hardly be compared with any other act of sacrifice, however meritorious those could be. Istabhrity is basic and hygienic. 


08/07/22 2.05:21

Pranaam to his lotus feet. Jaiguru to all.

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 2.11:36

Istabhrity, together with yajan and yaajan, makes life going. Istabhrity is the progressive pull of Thakur towards becoming. We may do any other charity, donation and discharge our social and philanthropic commitments. But none of these come parallel to istabhrity. Istabhrity is a very sacred and secluded affairs with our love Lord. It is an act of core dharma. Its breach can be life threatening. How? Istabhrity is like oxygen to living. Though invisible and unknown, istabhrity sustains life. 

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 2.25:41

"Unless charity and mercy sprout in you and you place yourself only for receiving, then you are idle and deceptive like a leech." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti, Vol I, Chapter Seva, stanza no. 21, page 266, in 5th edition. We will discuss this next week.  

Dr. DC Patra

08/07/22 2.28:46

Jayguru to all dear mothers and brothers! Vande Purushottamam!

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 2.33:59

In today’s vani, two points are highlighted:

  1. Ishtavrutir dhandaa
  2. To remain with Dharma

So, here dharma ‘ishtavruti has been highlighted as an essential path to remain with Dharma.


08/07/22 2.39:00

Jaiguru. Bandepurushottamam

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.40:21

The topic in original Bengali language: 

Ishtavrutir dhandaa-i jadi

maathaay majut raila naa,

Laksha taakaa karleo daan

dharma tore baila naa.

(Anusruti, Vol.1: Ishtavruti-swastyayami: 16:321)

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.40:40

The word by word English meaning of the stanza could be:


Ishtavrutir(of ishtavruti) dhandaa-i(stratagem) jadi(if)

Maathaay(in mind) majut(awake) raila(remain) naa(not),

Laksha(lakh) taakaa(rupees) karleo( even if done) daan(donate)

dharma tore (to you) baila(carry) naa(not).

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.41:47

English meaning of key words:

Ishtavruti: [Ishta-bhru(bharan, pshan, puran)+ktin]

bharan (support), poshan (nurture), puran(fulfil) and Dhaaran (bear)  of Ista

Ishta : materialised bliss, adored, worshiped,

[ish(abhiaash, prerana)+kta]

Dhandaa: stratagem, confusion, search, trouble, perplexity, trick, tactic

Majut: at hand, ready, present, existing

Dharma: religious merit, duty, virtue, property, attribute, law, nature
[dhru( dhaaran, poshan)+man]: that uphold being.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.42:40

Meaning of the stanza could be:


If mind is not possessed with

the tactics of Ishavruti,

Dharma will not carry you

even if gift a lakh rupee.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.43:01

In today’s Vani, there are  three discussion points:

  1. What is Ishtavruti?
  2. What is Ishtavruti dhandaa?
  3. Why donation per se is linked to Dharma?

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.43:41

Ishta means the manifested bliss. So, Ishta is a person in flesh and blood who is worshipped  and is the source of bliss for the worshipper.

Ishtavruti means bharan (support), poshan (nurture) and puran(fulfil)  of Ishta. It is not mere offering some amount for Him. This is not a mechanical offering of gift. There is big psycho-physical developmental formula within. The outcome of this action is to tune the spiritual urge towards the path of existence and growth of all along with environment or to uphold Dharma.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.43:58

So, continuous exercise of mind to uphold Ishta, His dicta, His interests and to materialize them in time is the key. This is what is called tuning of mind in the colour of Ishta or the  Ishtavruti dhandaa

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.44:15

There is nothing called miracle in Dharma. Upholding of Dharma is an active process of engagement in that path.  Therefore, mere mechanical donation of gift, however big the amount may be,  will not serve any purpose in furthering the cause of Dharma or Dharma will not carry the person who thinks or acts in this manner.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

08/07/22 12.48:04

Therefore, to move in the path of Dharma necessitates to accept Him as Ishta, follow Him, nurture Him and protect Him at every step of life.