Dr. DC Patra

11/20/22 2.33:21

"One who treats a friend as foe and inflicts harm on the person who helps is said to be treacherous." Says Sri Sri Thakur in Anusruti, Vol I, 5th Edition, Chapter ब्यबहार, Stanza no. 101, Page 152. We will discuss this next week. 

Dipangshu Maitra

11/26/22 14.24:39

মিত্রকেই যে শত্রু করে
   উপকারীর অপকার,
বিশ্বাসঘাতক হয়ই সে
    নরক তাঁহার দুর্নিবার।১০১। 

অনুশ্রুতি-১ ব্যবহার

In Hindi with Bengali dialects 

मित्रकेइ जे शत्रु करे
    उपकारीर अपकार,
विश्वासघातक हयइ से
    नरक तांहार दुर्निबार।१०१। 

          अनुश्रुति-१ व्यवहार

In Odia with Bengali dialects 

ମିତ୍ରକେଇ ଜେ ଶତ୍ରୁ କରେ
    ଉପକାରୀର ଅପକାର,
ବିଶ୍ବାସଘାତକ ହୟଇ ସେ
    ନରକ ତାଁହାର ଦୁର୍ନିବାର।୧୦୧। 

           ଅନୁଶ୍ରୁତି-୧ ବ୍ୟବହାର

In Gujarati with Bengali dialects——

મિત્રકેઇ જે શત્રુ કરે
   ઉપકારીર અપકાર,
વિશ્વાસઘાતક હયઇ સે
    નરક તાઁહાર દુર્નિવાર।૧૦૧। 

        અનુશ્રુતિ-૧ વ્યવહાર

वन्दे पुरुषोत्तमम्
ବନ୍ଦେ ପୁରୁଷୋତ୍ତମମ୍
વન્દે પુરુષોત્તમમ્

Adoration to the fulfiller the best

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

11/26/22 20.01:07

The topic in original Bengali language


Mitrake-i je satru kare

upakaareer apakaar,

Biswaasghaatak hay-i se

narak taahaar dunirbaar.


 (Anusruti, Vol.1: byabahaara: 101: 152)

Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

11/26/22 20.01:25

The word by word English meaning of the stanza could be:


Mitrake-i( friend) je(who) satru(enemy) kare(makes)


Biswaasghaatak (traitor)hay-i(becomes) se(he)

Narak(misery) taahaar (his)dunirbaar(inevitable).


Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena

11/26/22 20.01:38

English meaning of key words:


Mitra: friend, companion, ally

Satru: enemy, foe, adversary

Upakaaree: benevolent, beneficent, useful, helping

Apakaar: injury, harm, prejudice, mischief

Biswaasghaatak: treacherous, traitor, unfaithful, deceiver

Narak: hell, torment, misery, punishment

Dunirbaar: difficult to prevent or stop , irresistible, invincible


11/27/22 1.29:39

Pranaam to his lotus feet. Jaiguru to all.

Dr. DC Patra

11/27/22 1.40:24

Pranaam to Sri Sri Thakur! Joyguru to all dear mothers and brothers!

Dr. DC Patra

11/27/22 1.47:25

It appears to be a lesson in morality that Sri Sri Thakur has focused on in today's saying. Yes, it is social relationship and existential promotion on the outside. At the core of today's saying lies love for existence of self and of others. Further, it also reflects a pull of superior instincts which denies all forms of negatives, all forms of destructive and repulsive propensities. The saying also upholds sense of gratitude and humility. The saying drives a superior sense of love and belonging.  

Dr. DC Patra

11/27/22 1.48:43

In the world of higher self, there is no place for treachery. It is all love, reciprocity and all embracing togetherness. 

Dr. DC Patra

11/27/22 1.59:23

Friendship is hailed as expansion. It is pure love and togetherness. Friendship makes existence supportive, embracing and joyful. Friendship is built on the basis of trust and fellow feelings. When friendship is kind of betrayed, it onsets disintegration of basis of self. It should not happen in the most normal situation. But when it happens, it is mostly due to some narrow confinements of self and interest. That is a time, a repulsive friend tends to break the norms of natural self. It hurts both. It pollutes the society. It leads to psychological turbulence for reasons which are detrimental to mutual interest of live and let live.